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Clean Earth and Ocean Mindset




Trash, everywhere, all the time... When BoardDash was first started, one of the first things we noticed about our new workplace (Mother Earth and her Ocean) was how much trash there was floating in the water and packed away on land. Having already connected with a few clean earth initiative companies, our first step was to equip all of our employees with FishGods Co. bags to collect the trash that we saw as we were working. That wasn't enough.

BoardDash took the clean earth and ocean mindset a step further in the offseason, hosting two community clean events, "The Beach Clean" and "The Inlet Clean-Out". BoardDash and the Point Pleasant Beach Surf Team hosted a town-wide cleanup starting the day and ending the day at the Maryland Avenue beach. Thanks to the generosity of over 35 local sponsors and over 200 local and beyond participant Cleaners were able to partake in free raffles, receive local perks/discounts/freebies, and collected hundreds of pounds of trash from our beaches and town! We encouraged participants to walk outside and pick up some trash in efforts to making our community of Point Pleasant Beach brighter and having people being more cognizant of our local environment. After all, we are "The Beach". 


A month later, with a smaller crowd, but a cause just as big, @boarddashppb and @redslobsterpot partnered together to host “The Inlet Clean-Out”. Again, nearly 20 generous sponsor donations provided Cleaners with free prizes and raffles being given away at the end of the day with no purchase necessary. Just show up. Bags provided. Gloves worn. Having partnered with the Point Pleasant Beach First Air Dive and Rescue team, the days effort collected over 500 lbs. of trash from in and around the Manasquan Inlet. Lets just say BoardDash has HUGE plans for continuing our clean earth campaign...

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